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Slanted Pegboard or Slatwall Hanging Display Baskets & Bins

4.8″ w. x 8″ l. x 3.375″ h. Small Pegboard Baskets with slot on front for holding label. New. Slanted (Taller 3.3″ in back/ shorter 2.69″ in front) pegboard or slatwall basket to display your parts. Baskets can be affixed to pegboard or slatwall fixtures. Features slot for holding a label. 100% USA Made. Weight: 1 LB. Part Number: 00-920-01 NOTE: SMALLER PEGBOARD BASKETS SOLD IN CASES OF 20 PIECES/ PRICED INDIVIDUALLY.

8″ w. x 14″ l. x 4″ h. Large Pegboard Baskets. New. Not Slanted. Large display basket that can be affixed to pegboard or slatwall fixtures with ease. Smooth black finish provides professional display for your items. NO SLOT ON FRONT FOR HOLDING LABEL (SEE ATTACHED PIC). 100% USA Made. Weight: 1 LBS. Part Number: 00-923-01 NOTE: BIGGER PEGBOARD BASKETS ONLY SOLD IN CASES OF 8 PIECES/ PRICED INDIVIDUALLY.


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

If you have a pegboard or slat wall surface and you need quality hanging baskets we won’t leave you hanging. We have a solution to your needs and it’s not the cheap little peg board baskets you will find at the big box store. We offer high-quality pegboard wire baskets with special design features that improve storage density, handling efficiency. Together with an improved appearance make them worth the investment.

Slanted pegboard or slatwall baskets help to store and display your products, parts and components. Baskets can be affixed to pegboard or slatwall fixtures. They feature a label holder or slot for holding a label on the front of the basket which helps you identify contents stored in basket and better organize tools and accessories. These versatile pegboard display bins add increased utility to your existing pegboard or slatwall fixtures.

The pegboard display bins are slightly slanted (taller in the back and shorter in the front) which makes them easier to pack and pick from. They increase pick efficiency with added ergonomic benefits which can reduce injury found in repetitive motion.

Pegboard wire baskets with hooks are for both storage and display. They are great for storing and displaying products in a retail store but are also frequently used in Warehousing, Manufacturing, MRO, Safety and Medical applications…and let’s not forget over the workbench in your garage. Our flexible design allows the hooks to work with both pegboard and slatwall board fixtures (Pegboard and Slatwall sold separately).

These pegboard baskets are a big mover. We sell thousands each year. They are a stock item and come in two popular sizes: 4″ x 8″ x 3″ and 8″ x 14″ x 4″. They come standard with a black powder coat finish but can be special ordered in other finishes and colors including chrome, yellow, red, green, black and blue. We’re proud to say our pegboard baskets are 100% Made in America.