Wire Container with Fold Down Extension

30″ d. x 70″ w. x 24″ h. O.D. (17″ useable height) Custom Heavy Duty Wire Basket. New. 4,000 lbs. cap. Collapsible rigid design. Stackable 4 high. Includes (2) – removable sidewalls on both 30″ sides. NO drop gate on the 70″ side. 2″ x 2″ x 2 ga. mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. Includes steel runners and fork pockets. Includes stackable collars and pintels. Galvanized after weld finish. NOTE: INCLUDES (1) EXTENDED DROP DOWN SIDE. Weight: 334 LBS. Part Number: NDFMC30702460CC2WCG


Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

How about adding some flexibility to your industrial wire basket design? Our Patented Fold Down Extension is a hidden feature that can be added to our standard heavy duty collapsible rigid warehouse wire containers. It hides away when basket is in use but end panel can drop down if necessary to allow you to store longer items. We can now offer a heavy duty collapsible rigid wire basket that allows you to store, stack and transport a variety of different length items safely and efficiently.

Simply lift and lower drop gate on short side of the warehouse wire containers to receive supported extended length. Drop gate hinge is welded to side of container so that when side is dropped the deck of drop gate is level with base of container. Safety chain holds gate in lowered position. When you want to put gate up simply lift and drop back into stacking cup in corner and extension folds over and is out of the way.

In regards to featured 3D picture of industrial wire basket with extended side you can assume the following: the red end panel lifts straight up and turns inward. Hinged blue panels fold inward and lay on top of purple panel. Has drop chains that offer strength and stability when in downward position. They are also available with removable or swing out side gates.

AA warehouse wire container with extended functionality is by definition a custom heavy duty collapsible wire basket that is portable, stackable and collapsible. It is commonly used in the automotive industry to transport and store automotive component parts. It is built tough to withstand lots of abuse and last a long time. The greatest advantage is that it can be knocked down when not in use. This saves valuable floor space in warehouse and trailer – which will reduce shipping cost.

You can count on RackandShelf.com to deliver custom sizes, features and accessories. Custom sizes are our specialty. Let us design an industrial wire basket that fits the parts you are storing but gives you the flexibility to store longer parts. Cost studies have proven that wire container with sides that can fold down into extended position can save you LOTS of money. We promise you increased strength, durability, storage density, handling efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.