Custom Fixed Height Returnable Shipping Racks

45.5″ wide O.D. x 51.5″ Long O.D. x 67″ Overall height 3 Tier Fixed Height Shipping Rack. New. (45..5″ wide I.D. x 51.5″ long I.D. x 30″” clearance between shelves.) Includes 3 fixed shelf levels (bottom, mid and top shelf) that are spaced 30″ apart. These shelves are designed to support a standard 48×40 GMA pallet. Shelf capacity: 500 LBS. 2000 lbs. capacity per rack. Stackable 3 high. No plywood deck. Standard Blue powder coat finish. NOTE: Includes steel angle in top corners to help hold top pallet in position. NOTE: Includes “Your Companies Name” stenciled on crossbar. NOTE: Designed to handle a standard 48×40 GMA pallet. NOTE: Includes 4″ h. x 12″ w. fork tunnels with notched cut out to allow for both forklift and pallet jack access. Customer to provide center to center spacing of wheel on PJ so that these can be positioned correctly. NOTE: SEE ATTACHED DRAWING FOR DETAILS. NOTE: INCLUDES ADDITIONAL STEEL ANGLE AT TOP TO KEEP TOP PALLET IN PLACE DURING TRANSIT. Weight: 280 LBS. Part Number: FHSR-3SHELF-30CLEAR

NOTES: Est. Lead time: 4-6 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to arrange shipping. Freight Class 200.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Fixed height industrial racking can come with varied post heights that give you the flexibility to ship products of varying heights while maximizing truckload for freight savings. Our portable shipping racks are designed to store 2 pallets wide x 2-3 pallets high helping you better cube out your trailer. This will reduce shipping cost saving you lots of money. These returnable shipping racks for sale are designed to store a 40″ x 48″ GMA pallet.

Another advantage of fixed height shipping racks is that it protects your product in transit and reduces costly freight claims associated with bulk stacking pallet loads in a van. Each pallet level is safe and secure in transit. These racks help reduce freight damage.

Stack racks can be used as shipping racks. These shipping racks come standard with a set of 4 removable corner posts. These corners posts can come in a variety of sizes from small (26.5″ overall / 18″ Useable ht.), medium (44.5″ overall / 26″ useable ht.) large (56.5″ overall / 48″ useable) and extra large (68.5″ overall / 60″ useable ht.).

We suggest you buy stackable shipping racks for sale to fit your pallet load height. Often times customers have a variety of pallet load heights and therefore buy our stack rack bases with a variety of different corner post heights. Our stack rack bases are flexible enough to accommodate different corners post lengths. You can even stack shipping racks of varying heights on one another while stored in warehouse or trailer.