Accordion Skirting

Our accordion skirting is only sold with our ergonomic scissor lifts. We would be happy to help you size up the proper accordion skirting for a scissor lift you have purchased from our company. Please call us at 800-763-9020 to discuss our scissor lifts with ergonomic skirting.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Our optional scissor lift skirt keeps legs, arms, fingers and toes from getting crushed because it prevents access to the hydraulic components under the lift table.

Accordion skirting is an OSHA required safety product that protects pinch points and reduces dirt and debris from getting under the platform. Dirt and debris can damage and reduce the lifespan of your ergonomic lift table.

Scissor Lift Guarding Questions:

Table Width (W):                                 ”

Table Length (L):                                 ”

Table Raised Height (H):                    ”

Table Lowered Height (D):                ”

*NOTE: We can only provide accordion skirting for scissor lifts purchased through our company. Accordion skirting can be purchased with the scissor lift – it is not sold separately.