Topper Tow Carts Promote Forklift Fork Truck Free Work Environment
Quad Steer Tow Carts Promote Fork Truck Free Work Environment

Go Forklift or Fork Truck Free with Topper Industrial Carts and Steel Containers

-36’’x60’’ Heavy Duty Quad Steer Tow Cart. PN. 3660-HDQSTC

-36’’x72’’ Heavy Duty Quad Steer Tow Cart. PN. 3672-HDQSTC

-48’’x72’’ Heavy Duty Quad Steer Tow Cart. PN. 4872-HDQSTC

-48’’x96’’ Heavy Duty Quad Steer Tow Cart. PN. 4896-HDQSTC


-All can be a flat deck or with adjustable shelfs on it (adjustment is every 2’’)

-Poly Casters for indoor use and solid rubber for outdoor use

-2000 lb or 4000lb up to 20000 capacity but 2k and 4k are most popular

-12 to 16 week lead time right now

-powder paint any RAL powder paint number

-Pintle ring tow bar and pintle ring hitch

-All bearings 100% sealed for no to low maintenance.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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The correct equation is that cart delivery = a fork truck free work environment. By adding a combination of material handling carts, steel and wire containers you increase effective material handling. Quad steer tow carts can handle tight radius turns within your warehouse or manufacturing plant. 1 minute connect of each tow cart, improved steering for frequent delivery of material in small lot sizes. Improve workflow, simplify your process and improve safety by adding a mix of industrial carts.

Warehouse Rack and Shelf and their partner Topper Industrial actively promote the concept of Forklift Free work zones that increase efficiency and more importantly improve worker safety. How do we do that? We manufacture and sell tow carts that efficiently move product and equipment throughout your warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing facility.

What if I told you you could replace 6 forklifts in your warehouse with just one Tugger and 6 tow carts? Imagine the efficiency of replacing 6 forklift drivers with only one Tugger operator and 6 tow carts, imagine the savings in not having to purchase 6 lift trucks and all of the LP gas that they use, imagine how that would reduce the carbon footprint and help the environment and lastly, imagine the increased safety of not having 6 forklifts driving in and out of aisle while employees are walking around.

As most companies know, having a fleet of forklifts require a large investment of time and money in training. OSHA rules state that forklift operators must be trained extensively before they can operate lifting equipment. Well you can avoid the high cost of maintaining a large fleet of forklifts by switching to a forklift free work environment.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health have released a report that shows forklifts are responsible for an astounding 20,000 injuries and 100 death annually due to forklift accidents. These injuries and fatalities can be reduced by replacing forklifts with a combination of quad steer tow carts, Mother Daughter carts, tilt carts, rotate carts, shipping racks, steel and wire containers that can help deliver materials line side more efficiently and more safely.