Electric Tugger Cart

36.72″ L x 25.95″ W x 47.63″ H Max Electric Tugger Cart. New. 1,100 LBS tow capacity. 24-Volt battery system for extended run time. Charges in a 110V outlet. Ergonomic handle allows for easy push or pull. Emergency stop button. Versatile hitch system allows you to haul carts and trucks. Durable foam tires. Color: Gray / Safety yellow.  PN. 362648-MAXTUG

NOTES: Lead time: 1-2 weeks. FOB: MI 48722

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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An Electric Tugger Cart will help you cover more ground in less time!

This industrial tugger cart has a versatile hitch to help you transport up to 1,100 pounds around the warehouse. This not only helps you move more in less time, it also helps take the strain off your employees. You’ll see productivity soar without exhausting your employees on a daily basis. You will also reduce the risk or injury and downtime with the electric tugger cart.

It has easy-to-grip handles, and you can push it or pull it. It’s easy to navigate (even in tight spaces!) and has smooth stops and starts. Our industrial tugger cart also has an emergency stop button to improve safety.

An electric tugger cart would be great for transporting parts and tools around the workspace. It will not only keep them organized in one place, it will boost productivity by creating a portable station with everything you need in one place. This industrial tugger cart eliminates the need for multiple trips around the workplace. It will also save you the time of loading and unloading what you need to transport each time. Simply hitch up to the electric tugger and go!

The electric tugger cart can help increase your efficiency if you have to do a lot of single order picking of small items. This saves you the trouble of getting out the forklift. Instead, you can grab and go to the next item.

This thing can take a beating! Let the industrial tugger cart do all the heavy lifting instead of your employees. It has foam filled tires that will stand up to constant use. Should you need to service it, the drive is easy to access.

The tugger cart comes equipped with a 24-volt battery system for maximum run time. To extend the life of your battery, you should charge it whenever the cart is not in use. Typical batteries last between 12-18 months, but could last up 36 months. The life of your battery will depend on your charging habits. The tugger cart needs to charge in a 110V outlet.

We’re so confident you’ll love this cart that we’ll let you try it free for 10-15 days. If you decide to purchase it, you pay at the end of the demo period. If you decide it’s not for you, you just pay the return freight costs (usually $150-$200).

The electric tugger cart is a worthwhile investment in your operation. You’ll see the ROI in no time! Get a quote or call us today at 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert!