Aluminum Shelf Cart | Produce Cart

21″ x 48.5″ Aluminum Shelf Cart. New. Wet Produce Cart, mobile, 1200 lbs. capacity, all welded aluminum construction, wrap around bumper on top shelf, (6) 5″ casters (4 swivel & 2 rigid), removable solid shelves. NSF Approved. Weight: 64 LBS. Part Number: 1408

NOTES: Lead time: 1-2 weeks. FOB: KS. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

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Aluminum shelf carts have a number of benefits that make them a must have! These two-tier, aluminum produce carts are outfitted with removable trays. They’re something you’ll use on a daily basis without showing any signs of wear and tear thanks to all welded construction. They can store up to 1,200 pounds!

Aluminum utility carts are the workhorse of the food service industry! Food operations need something that can stand up to wet conditions, and the aluminum shelf cart does so with no problem! In fact, they’re used so frequently in the food service industry, they’re even called a produce cart!

The top tray can be removed and carried to another area to contain water and keep your workplace clean and dry. They also help you maintain sanitary conditions, which we all know is of the utmost importance in the food service industry! They’re easy to keep clean – just hose down the removable trays and whole cart! Because they’re made of aluminum, you don’t ever have to worry about rust or corrosion.

Aluminum shelf carts keep your space safe. They keep water off the floor and prevent spills and slips.

Their use isn’t limited to the food service industry! These carts are the perfect width for navigating aisles.They can be used for transporting parts and materials within a warehouse. They also make great additions to growing or agricultural operations. They come with six 5″ casters – four of the casters swivel and two are rigid. This combination makes it easy to maneuver through your space while staying in control.

They measure 21″ x 48.5″. Their shipping weight is 64 pounds.

You’ll get years of use out of these carts. Your only regret will be that you didn’t get them sooner!

Material Handling Supplies Features:


-Doesn’t rust or corrode in moist environments

-Promotes safe and sanitary conditions in the workplace

-Ideal dimensions for use in aisles