Aluminum Keg Dolly

17-1/4″ x 17-1/4″ Keg Dolly. New. One piece. Octagon shape. Transports one keg up to 16-3/4″ dia. Aluminum construction. (4) – 3″ platform casters. NSF Approved. Weight: 13 LBS. Part Number: 98037

NOTES: Lead time: 1-2 weeks. FOB: KS. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to arrange shipping.

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An aluminum keg dolly with casters won’t just save you time, it’ll save your back too!

The dolly is made up of an aluminum base and four caster plates. It has three up lips and five down lips to keep the keg secured in place.

The aluminum keg dolly with casters allows you to move kegs much faster than by hand. You can drastically cut your loading and unloading time by using keg handling equipment. The five down lips make it a breeze to move the kegs on and off the dolly. You’ll see your productivity increase and your energy output decrease.

Transporting with keg handling equipment is much safer for everyone. It keeps you and your employees from straining or injuring yourselves while carrying the keg. It also prevents you from dropping the keg due to fatigue. The dolly is low to the ground, which gives you excellent control when maneuvering through your workplace. The welded construction will stand up to daily use.

In addition to saving you time and preventing injuries, a keg dolly with casters will save you from scraping up your floors. The wheels are non-marking so they won’t leave tracks.

Working with kegs can be messy and leave you with a sticky situation. Aluminum will never rust or corrode, so not only will it stand up to the mess, it’s easy to clean and maintain!

The base is a 0.125″ sheet and the casters are 2 3/4” x 4” x 3⁄8”. The unit is 17 1/4” wide, x 5 1/4″ high x 17 1/4” long. It fits 1/4 and 1/2 Barrel Kegs up to 16 3/4” in diameter. It can hold up to 175 pounds per dolly. The shipping weight is 13 pounds.

An aluminum keg dolly with casters will improve your efficiency and prevent injuries. It’s a must have if you’re working with kegs! Get a quote or give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert about how an aluminum keg dolly can improve your day-to-day operations!