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Custom Wire Grid, Mesh

Wire Grid

Custom Wire Grid, Mesh

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC is a contract manufacturer and importer of custom wire grid panels used as shelf decks, wire decking,  wire racks, retail (P.O.P) point-of-purchase displays and store fixtures. We also supply custom wire grid, wire mesh, wire forms and welded wire assemblies for original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M) product requirements. We stock wire decking, wire baskets, wire containers & wire mesh decking for shelving and rack.

As a diversified wire fabricator we offer custom wire fabrication of wire assemblies, wire forms, wire grids, wire guards and a variety of other custom wire products. We design and manufacture steel tube & wire displays, point of purchase display and store fixtures. We offer one of the largest in-plant powdercoating lines. With one plant location in the Midwest and one in the south, our satisfied customers include most of the Nations largest O.E.M. manufacturers.

The factories we represent have millions of dollars invested in automated welders, Schlatter machines, Four-Slide machines, various presses and tube benders, plus a computerized Pnueform wire bending machine that stores on tape the set up procedure on small jobs, thus eliminating tooling charges. In addition to domestic manufacturing we also import wire products from China for your large quantity requirements. Our imported wire products are of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Call us for all of your wire and metal product needs.