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Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Don’t let that fancy stainless steel pallet jack fool you…underneath it is all muscle with a 5,500 LBS lifting capacity!

Special stainless steel pallet jacks are designed for corrosive or wet environments these full featured pallet trucks were designed for chemical, pharmaceutical and wash down. It’s what you call a specialty jack. It’s not cheap but it is made of very special, very expensive stainless steel.

Stainless steel pallet jacks are ideal for sanitary, pharmaceutical, medical, food and wet environments. We offer aluminum, galvanized, chrome plated or 304 stainless steel pallet trucks for long life in even the harshest environments. You can pour lots of harsh chemicals on it and it will just wash off.

If you have a clean room and you need a jack, there is nothing else like a stainless steel pallet jack. Not even an aluminum pallet jack will suffice. It must be a stainless steel pallet jack. Sometimes second best just won’t due. That’s when you call us and say “Hey, I need a stainless steel pallet jack!

Get ready to have your eyes bulge out because stainless steel pallet jacks are not cheap!

Stainless Steel Pallet Jack Application Environments:
• Laboratory
• Clean Room
• Wash Down
• Corrosive Material Handling

Stainless Steel Pallet Truck Features:
• Adjustable Solid Push Rods
• 180º Turning Radius

ModelDescriptionCapacity (lbs)Fork Dim.Service RangeNet Weight (lbs)
PM5-2048-SS304 Stainless Steel5,50021 1/2"Wx45"L2-7/8"-7-3/4"300
PM5-2748-SS304 Stainless Steel5,50027"Wx48"L2-7/8"-7-3/4"327
PM5-2748-SFF304 Stainless Frame & Forks5,50027"Wx48"L2-7/8"-7-3/4"327
PM5-2748-S-ZZinc Coated5,50027"Wx48"L2-7/8"-7-3/4"322
PM5-2748-CPChrome Plated5,50027"Wx48"L2-7/8"-7-3/4"322