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Stackable Tire Racks

Tire Rack Stack Rack

Stackable Tire Racks

Stackable tire racks are portable, nestable  stack racks that increases storage density and handling efficiency. Tire racks are generally used by large tire manufacturers and distributors for large scale tire storage in warehouses or distributions centers.

One of the most popular styles of tire racks is the stack rack. It is typically a 60″ w. x 60″ d. x 60″ h. stack rack or pallet stacking frame. The stack rack has a steel base and removable corners posts. Pallet stacking frames are steel side frames that attach to your existing pallets. Pallet stacking frames are offered in side mount and corner mount options.  

Stacking tire racks come with many different decking options that include perforated sheet metal or wire grid. This type of decking is recommended over wood decking because it may be compliant with fire code flow through for sprinklers while giving the tires extra support. These stack racks are able to be stacked 5 high and have a capacity range up to 4000# a piece.

The most economical tire rack available is the pallet stacking frame. This style has steel frames that attach to a wooden pallet. Available in corner mount and center mount styles, these units can stack up to 4 high with a weight capacity of 2000 pounds each. Efficiently manage your tire storage needs with stack racks & pallet stacking frames.

Tire stack racks also make great shipping racks. They can be used to transport tires in trailers. Tire racks can be disassembled for return shipments or when not in use. Stack racks used as tire racks can be stacked 4-5 racks high allowing you to better utilize the cubic space of your warehouse.  

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