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Recycling Bins

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Recycling Bins

Unique triple-bin design for holding and dumping different materials!

Introducing the new environmentally friendly Triple-Bin Recycling Hopper. Our Triple bin hoppers have a unique triple-bin design for holding and dumping different materials including: organic, hazardous, plastic, metal & paper.

Our 3 bins are attached to one base allowing each bin to be dumped independently. Steel Self-Dumping Hoppers make ideal recycling bins. These specialty hoppers simply attach to the forks of your forklift.


Triple Bin Recycling Hopper Features:

Each bin holds up to 1/2 cubic yards of material

Bins are painted 3 different colors: Green, Red & Blue

Fork pockets are 7″ wide x 2″ high x 22″ long

Safety strap to secure recycling hopper to fork truck

Maximum total weight capacity is 2,000 LBS evenly distributed

Includes manual pull cables to dump bins from seat of fork truck

90 degree dump angle returns to upright position when lowered to ground

Precise robotically welded steel construction is leak-inhibiting

Durable powder coat finish

Polyethylene lids are sold separately


Hopper Colors:

Green: Organic

Red: Hazard

Blue: Plastic

Gray: Metal

White: Paper


Triple-Bin Recycling Hopper Specifications:


Size (WxLxH): 78-1/8″x52-1/8″x31″ 24″x46-1/2″x23-1/2″

Capacity: 2000 LBS

Weight: 639 LBS