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Radio Shuttle Racking

Radio Shuttle Pallet Runner

Radio Shuttle Racking

The Radio Shuttle racking system is a pallet storage rack system that utilizes a radio controlled shuttle (also known as a pallet runner or mole) to moves pallets from the back of rack to the front of the rack system for picking. The radio controled pallet runner always insures that pallets are moved to the front of the rack system for perfect FIFO (First in / First Out) pallet picking.

This is a level pallet rack system that mazimizes storage height in  your warehouse. This may be the highest density and highest efficiency rack system that we sell and it comes at a price. The Radio Shuttle pallet runner system is the second most expensive high density / high efficiency pallet storage rack system available next to the ASRS (Automated Storage Retrieval System).

Pallet Runners are an efficient load and unload system permitting the storage of different reference numbers per module. They compact and high capacity offering a higer number of stored goods. Less time is required to unload pallets. It insures higher production as flow of incoming and outgoing pallets increase.