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Post Protectors

Post Protectors

You cannot afford not to have column protectors on your pallet racks!

Our post protectors and column guards protect the front columns of your pallet rack from forklift damage, which can significantly increase the chance of rack failure. Our rack reinforcement and column guards will significantly reduce the chance of forklift damage to your pallet rack system.

Post protectors are typically used on columns at end of rows. These columns are most susceptible to damage from forklifts. Post protectors have enlarged foot plates at the bottom with (4) pre-drilled holes for concrete anchor bolts.

Experienced warehouse managers have learned that the initial investment in pallet rack protection will pay off many times over in the reduction of rack damage. The cost of replacing a damaged upright can exceed $1000. when you figure in the overtime pay to have the racks unloaded, disassembled, replaced and reloaded.

Post Protector Features Include:
• Post protectors come in standard heights of 4”, 12”, 18” & 24”
• Manufactured of 3/16” thick steel
• Traditional bolt to the floor design
• Standard column protectors are designed to fit around a 3-1/2″ wide footplate and will NOT fit around uprights with enlarged footplates
• Includes standard safety yellow powder coat paint finish
• We stock special column guards designed for uprights with enlarged seismic foot plates
• We offer special notched post protectors to protect pallet racks with beam levels inches off the floor
• Special Notes Please let us know if your pallet rack’s beam level is inches off the floor, or if your uprights have enlarged footplates for that may affect whether or not the post protector works on your rack

Post Protectors Styles Include:
• Standard U-Shaped Post Protector
• 4” V-Nose Post Protector / Deflector
• End of Aisle Protector
• Bolt-on Post Protector with bull nose
• Protect-It Rack Protector
• Steel Angle Guide Rails