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Pallet Stacking Frames

Pallet Stacking Frame

Pallet Stacking Frames

Convert ordinary warehouse pallets to pallet stacking frames. Simply attach our pallet frames to your existing wood pallets, to create economical stack racks that utilize air space while clearing floor space.

Stackable 3 to 5 high, our pallet stacking frames help you better utilize the vertical storage space in your warehouse and prevent damage associated with bulk-stacking pallet loads. These stack racks are great for storing seasonal products. The tier-rack style frames knock down when not needed and can be set aside. Pallet frames are easily stored when not in use.

Our pallet stacking frames allow you to store difficult-to-handle products. They can accommodate thousands of pounds, and are designed for a variety of storage applications. Rental companies love stack racks for storing tables and chairs. Our 60″ x 60″ side-mounted pallet stacking frames make great tire storage racks.

We sell new and used stack racks, nestable racks and pallet stacking frames. Our pallet frames are designed for a variety of pallet sizes, including standard GMA 48″ d. x 40″ w. wood pallets, 48″ x 48″ and 60″ x 60″ pallet sizes. They are available in corner mount or side mount styles.

Our pallet stacking frames utilize air space to conserve floor space. Imagine how nice your facility will look if you can get all of the loose items off the floor and into racks. Pallet stacking frames are ideal for seasonal applications because they can be disassembled or knocked down (KD) to save space when not in use.

pallet stacking frames are typically used to store palletized material and super sacks. They help prevent damage that is associated with bulk stacking of product. pallet stacking frames will help protect your product while in transit and storage.  We stock standard sizes of stack racks but we specialize in proving custom racks designed to fit your requirements. 

Warehouse Rack & Shelf supplies the highest quality pallet stacking frames that are manufactured in the United States. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality stack racks at the lowest prices. Our racks are manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing facility in St. Louis, MO. There is millions of dollars invested in the latest equipment and automated welders that help insure the highest quality welds.