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Horizontal Sheet Rack


Horizontal Sheet Rack

This horizontal sheet rack is laid back! By laid back I mean the shelves are in a horizontal position!

Protect your thin sheets of material by storing them horizontally in a sheet rack. This horizontal sheet rack has large well supported shelves that help reduce warping. Your sheet goods are too expensive to subject them to damage. The sheet rack will protect them.

The horizontal sheet rack will help you organize your sheet material. It will increase sheet storage density and handling efficiency in you manufacturing facility. Four sided access allows you to easily pull sheets of plastic, wood, metal, steel as needed.

The biggest advantage to the horizontal sheet rack is when you see the additional floor space you will get. No more having palletized sheet stock all over the floor. Get it off the floor and into sheet racks. You pay for every square foot of your facility so you might as well stack those sheets 5 levels high.

Horizontal Sheet Rack Features:
Designed for horizontal storage of sheet goods and similar materials
Four sided access when using 4′ x 8′ sheet or smaller
Reduces warping of thin materials
The five shelf design which allows for generous storage of multiple thickness materials
2,000 pound capacity per shelf
Distance between shelves is 9-1/2″
All welded steel frame
Supplied with lag down points to anchor to concrete floor

ModelOverall Size (WxHxL) Number of ShelvesDistance Between ShelvesNet Weight (lbs)
WR-SHEET-R-57 55"x48"x103"59-1/2"564