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Hanging Wire Dividers For Pallet Rack

Hanging Wire Shelf Dividers

Hanging Wire Dividers For Pallet Rack

Hanging wire dividers for pallet rack that are custom made in a variety of sizes. They are designed with a “candy cane” shaped hook that allows them to hang from wire decking on pallet rack beam level above. Hanging Dividers are designed to match the depth of your uprights (AKA beam level or shelf) and the clearance between your beam levels.

Hanging wire dividers have candy cane shaped wire hooks that attach to mesh of existing wire deck above and hangs down to wire deck below. The bottom of the mesh panel has inverted V shaped wires that fit over wire mesh of deck below to help keep it in place.

Wire decking dividers for pallet rack are offered in two styles: Custom hanging wire dividers and standard snap-in wire dividers. Hanging wire dividers are custom made to fit the depth and height of your specific shelf level. Hanging dividers give you the most support because they are secured at the top and bottom wire decks.  

**PLEASE NOTE: There is a MINUMUM ORDER QUANTITY of 50 PCS of custom made hanging wire dividers. We do not stock any hanging wire dividers.

All hanging wire dividers are custom made requiring a 8-10 week lead time and payment in advance. We require you fill out hanging wire divider specification sheet to help insure compatibility with your existing wire deck. Custom hanging wire dividers are non-cancellable and non-returnable.