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Forklift Forks


Forklift Forks

We’ll make sure you get the lowest price on high quality forklift forks designed to perform your lifting jobs in a safe and dependable manner!

We stock standard or fully tapered and polished forklift forks for lift trucks and forklifts. Our standard forklift fork is strictly for handling pallets, while fully tapered forks are for ease-of-entry applications.

The most common fork class is Class II for a 16″ high carriage on 6,000 lbs. – 10,000 lbs. lift units. The carriage height is measured by the outside dimension (O.D.), from the top of the upper carriage bar to the bottom of the lower carriage bar. Our fork arms are designed to ITA specifications that standardize fork blades for all makes and models of forklifts.

Insist on steel ITA fork tines that are forged or have an upset heel. Get large discounts when you buy 6 pair, save even more when you buy 12 pair and save the most when you order a pallet load of blades. Forged steel fork prices are priced per PIECE – FOB Chicago, Ill., or San Francisco, Calif., area. Experience our speedy delivery.

NOTE: A thorough inspection of fork tines for cracks and deformities should be performed at least two times per year.

Forklift Fork Features:
• Available in lengths of 36”, 42”, 48” & 60”
• Fork capacity’s range from 6,000 LBS – 10,000 LBS capacity.
• Forks are available in class II (16″ high carriage), class III (20″ high carriage) and class IV (25″ high carriage). Class refers to the carriage on the lift truck.
• We offer the largest “just-in-time” inventory of ITA forks in the U.S.

Forged Steel Forks:
Model Length (Inches) Thickness (Inches) Capacity (lbs) Net Weight (lbs)
F4-1.25-36 36 1¼” 3,000 201
F4-1.25-48 48 1¼” 3,000 222
F4-1.50-36 36 1½” 4,000 150
F4-1.50-42 42 1½” 4,000 249
F4-1.50-48 48 1½” 4,000 247
F4-1.50-60 60 1½” 4,000 308
F4-1.75-36 36 1¾” 5,000 251
F4-1.75-42 42 1¾” 5,000 277
F4-1.75-48 48 1¾” 5,000 309
F4-1.75-60 60 1¾” 5,000 392