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Cylinder Cabinets


Cylinder Cabinets

Cylinder Cabinets for storage of gaseous cylinders and propane tanks meet OSHA and the Fire Marshall’s requirements!

Cylinder storage cabinets are used at most manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Some warehouses couldn’t function without propane tanks and gas cylinders. The local fire Marshall requires that you store these tanks and cylinders in cylinder cabinets. We offer vertical gas cylinder cabinets and horizontal propane cylinder cabinets.

Cylinder cabinets allow you to organize your gas cylinders. They help you maximize storage density and increase handling efficiency. They allow you to safely store cylinders near work areas. They protect gas cylinders and LP tanks. They secure the cylinders and help reduce theft.

Cylinder cabinets are a safety product. They’re categorized as safety cabinets. They can be designed to store cylinders upright on their sides. They have lockable front doors that include cylinder lock. They are constructed of perforated steel and have a heavy duty steel angle and tubular steel construction.

Cylinder Cabinet Features and Benefits:
• Meet OSHA requirements
• Cylinder storage cabinets have all welded construction with 13-gauge expanded metal sides and 16-gauge solid steel roof
• Propane tank storage units have pre-drilled legs to anchor to floor
• We have two styles of cylinder cabinets: Vertical and Horizontal
• Horizontal propane tank storage units hold 20, 30, or 40 lb. cylinders
• Vertical storage units hold cylinders up to 200 LBS.
• Color: Safety Yellow