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Carpet Racks


Carpet Racks


We have offer new and used carpet racks. Our carpet racks are double-deep selective pallet racks designed for the storage of carpet rolls, vinyl rolls, flooring and a variety of long products, special parts or materials.

Carpet racks are used by carpet retailers and distributors. They store carpet rolls and carpet pad that is loaded by forklifts.  Popular sizes include 12’ h. x 12’ w. x 12’ d., and 12’ h. x 12’ w. x 8’ d., both with 3 shelf levels.

Carpet racks are designed to hold heavy cylindrical shaped items. They optimize space, allow access to rolls and reduced damage related to bulk stacking.  They reduce the time required to load and retrieve carpet rolls. Carpet racks help you efficiently use vertical space in your warehouse.

Carpet rack utilizes wood or corrugated metal decking that extends front to back and is supported by interior beams. These solid, smooth shelves set down into the step and are flush with the top of the beam, allowing you to load and unload carpet rolls easily.

Along with carpet Racks we also offer nestable/stackable pad racks that utilize our Stack Racks, and are designed to store and transport carpet rolls and carpet pads. A popular accessory is the carpet pole/carpet ram that attaches to your forklift for handling carpet rolls.